About us


In 1925, Meguro Institute Co., Ltd was founded as Osaka Experimental Therapy Institute by late Dr. Yozaburo Meguro who studied at Institut Pasteur. Thereafter in 1937, the company changed its name to Meguro Institute.

Since the founding, we have been engaged in research, development and manufacturing of various sorts of products (raw materials) containing pharmaceuticals and others, by utilizing the health-promoting functions of Lactic acid bacteria and Bacillus subtilis (natto).

We established a new factory in Kasai-shi, Hyogo prefecture in 1980 to meet Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) requirements in conformity with improving governmental standards for manufacturing and development of pharmaceuticals. Since then, we supplied various kinds of high quality materials for pharmaceuticals and others.

In 2014, we established another facility in Kasai Factory to boost the manufacturing capacity and meet the increasing demand from society. At the same time, the headquarter was transferred to Chuo-ku, Osaka prefecture.

In 2022, we made a new start as the Teijin Meguro Institute under the Teijin Group, a chemical professional operating food ingredient business focusing on intestinal bacteria.

Our core products, Lactic acid bacteria and Bacillus subtilis (natto), are known as probiotics, which confer a benefit on human health by improving the intestinal microbiota. Today, we are working on production and sales of raw materials for ethical drugs, over the counter (OTC) products and food supplements, and feed additives based on these probiotic bacteria. We are also engaged in the entrusted manufacturing of bacteriological preparations of various bacterial species using our corresponding technologies. Moreover, we are moving ahead on joint research with various research institutions to expand the application of our products to meet the needs from society.

Keeping our “Footwork” and “Spirit of challenge”, we will strengthen our contribution to medical treatment, prophylaxis, and self-care of the 21st century with our products, such as pharmaceuticals, food supplements, feed additives created by our bioindustrial technologies and continue to develop the probiotics business as part of the Teijin Group's functional food ingredients business.

We look forward to your continued understanding support in the future.

Teijin Meguro Institute Limited
President and Representative Director
Takanori Miyoshi